Picking a Photography Partner

Photographers are known for being loners because no one wants to stop every 5 minutes while we set up for or take a grab shot.  There is one exception to this and that is the NEED for your dog to accompany you on local shoots.  Case in point is Chick.  Any time I pick up my camera or my tripod this loving Shih Tzu starts jumping up and down, panting, then runs and sits by the door.  She wants to assume her position in the car as canine GPS and art director.  If I am close to the car for a shoot I leave the windows down and the music playing loudly and she is content to watch my every move to make sure she is part of the photo experience.  So, the next time you feel lonely when you anticipate your next sunset or moonrise shot, seek enthusiasm from your dog, and it will bring your purpose back in to focus!